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We all know that golf is played outside, but not many people do know about the possibilities to play golf indoors. In the USA indoorgolf is a well accepted sport for years. The last couple of years we also see an enormous growth in parts of Europe. The German Indoor Golf Federation reported a grow of about 500 indoor golf facilities the next coming 5 years. The media also discovered indoorgolf and is reporting about indoorgolf as a serious addition to outdoor golf.

Indoors the possibilities are almost unlimited. You can play your own clubs and your own golf balls. The big advantage of playing golf indoors is the consistency in weather conditions; you will never have to play golf anymore in rain, freezing cold or subtropical heats. Indoorgolf can be playes at any time, even if it’s already dark for hours.
There is an indoor solution for every part of the game. You can practice and work on your technique on the indoor drivngrange, especially when swing- and video analysis are being used on the drivingrange. The short game can be practiced on the putting and chipping greens of artificial grass. Even playing the most beautiful golfcourses around the world is possible on the golfsimulator.
Indoorgolf is also very attractive for events and (company)meetings.

Renting a golfsimulator, putting green or what ever other solution can make your event a great success. Dutch Golf Company can even make a fully operational golfvillage if that’s what you want!
Dutch Golf Company is always looking after the new developments worldwide.

We choose the best and most advanced solutions for you. Every year we visit the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, where we also got in contact with the latest invention, the Tomi putanalyser.

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