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Dutch Golf Company B.V.
Zandschelstraat 2-04
5051 HL Goirle


Tel.: +31 (0)13 53 40 905
Fax.: +31 (0)13 53 44 947
@: info@dutchgolfcompany.com


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A brand new concept of Dutch Golf Company with many potentials. With golf@office we create a golfcourse on every possible location. This concept can be used to guide you guests, customers or any other visitors through your building in an active way and via the routing you want.

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Do you have an opening of a new building a demoday or will you be visited by an important delegation? With some magic we turn your location into a real golfcourse with teeboxes, greens, bunkers an waterhazards. We can also supply you with scorecards with your logo. Because of the routing of the golfcourse you decide which parts will and won’t be seen by your guests!

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Everyone can join golf@office. Indoors we only play with a putter and we use special golfballs, so no damage can be made to the building. Dutch Golf Company is very flexible in creating the golfcourse. We start with at least 3 holes and we can extend the number of holes to your wishes.

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Please get in contact with us to talk about the possibilities. We love to work out a successful concept together with you.

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