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Dutch Golf Company B.V.
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As an independent deliverer of modern golfsolutions, Dutch Golf Company has established a strong position on the European market of golfsimulation. Always looking for the best solution for the best price, we have done lots of research on the golfsimulation market. Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of the golfsimulators available, we recently switched to the SportsCoach GPS Golfsimulator.

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SportsCoach Systems are recognised as one of the world's leading manufacturers of golfsimulators. The only company that manufactures both its own hardware and software. With the new 3D High Speed Camera solution, the products of SportsCoach are at the cutting edge of technology, enabling a realism in simulation of unparalleled quality, user friendliness and affordability. 

SportsCoach and Dutch Golf Company are constantly liasing with clients on how best to continually develop the software engine and its state of the art technology. The GPS Simulation engine has taken several years to develop, it is at least 2 years ahead of it's nearest competitor on the world stage. It has been voted the world's most powerful sports engine and will be constantly improved by the in-house programming team, ensuring that it is always the worlds most advanced golf simulation software.

As wel as having the world's most comprehensive course library, the programs are constantly updated online.


More info on the SportsCoach GPS Golfsimulator:


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