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The GolfTarget is an in-house development of Dutch Golf Company. These interactive targets on the drivingrange encourages the golfer to train more effective and more often on the divingrange. Every golfer will look for competition on the drivingrange and have more fun than ever before.

So it is good for the golfer, but also for the range owner who wants to offer more to his guests than the usual drivingrange. It is this extra attention for the guests that makes the difference between a 'normal' and a very attractive golfcourse.

GolfTarget Naarderbos.jpg

Every GolfTarget detects a hit by a golfball and will reward this hit. The GolfTarget comes standard with a flashing LED-light which is also visible in full sunshine on a big distance. The big advantage of rewarding with the flashing light is that it is visible for everyone on the drivingrange and it will not be a disturbtion for the rest of the golfcourse. The GolfTarget can also be deliverded with soundeffects. The powersupply comes from the solarpanel. No cabling or changing batteries is needed. The GolfTarget is a fully selfsupporting unit and can be place anywhere, even on a floating island like on Golfcourse Naarderbos.

GolfTarget-op-DR (Custom).jpg

GT1510 en GT2515
The first version of the Golftarget is a vertical target. Big advantage of this version is the possibility to use the full Golftarget for sponsor- or marketing slogans.

The GT1510 is a GolfTarget of 1,5 x 1,0 meter (width x height), the GT2515 measures 2,5 x 1,5 meter. The print will be placed with a special glue under high temperatures on the backside of the plate, so the print is being protected against damage by golfballs.

GolfTarget Pettelaar 3.jpg

GTF25 en GTF50
The second version of the GolfTarget is a flat variant, the interactive targetgreen. Big advantage of this version is that you can play real targetgolf on a flat target (just like a real green). A flag that can be printed with a sponsorlogo is placed in the middle of the target.

The GTF25 has a cross-cut of 2,5 meter. The GTF50 is much bigger with a cross-cut of 5 meter. Both versions are fully covered by artificial grass (color of your choice).

Custom built
We like to listen to the needs of our customers so we can make a custom built Golftarget for every situation. Not only measurements, but also appearance can be changed. Furthermore we can deliver several ways of feedback like lightsignals, sounds and even moving objects.

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