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The GolfAchiever II (GA II) is more than just a launchmonitor. With the GA II you will have a launchmonitor and swinganalyser in one solution using the most modern lasertechnology.
The GA II offers you a perfect measurement by hundreds of 'laser sharpened' pictures of the golfclub as wel as the ball taken in the very short time you pass the lasergrid. Just compare this with the 2 pictures a normal launchmonitor tries to make of each shot.

GA Basic Software.jpg

On top of this we offer some interesting features to the GA II by complimentary software products:

  • Club Analysis Software (GA CAS)
  • Video Analysis Software (GA VAS)
  • Virtual Reality Golf (GA VR) 

GA CAS software.jpg


GolfAchiever's patented laser technology provides unparalleled accuracy and precision in the measurement and reporting of all significant ball flight and golf swing data.

GolfAchiever laser.jpg

The GolfAchiever II Laser System comprises two main components: an L-frame swing-capture unit and software. The L-frame contains lasers, photo-detectors and ultra high speed electronics arranged to create a precisely mapped 'laser grid' for the player to hit through. Once a golfers hits a ball through the laser grid, The GolfAchiever's user-friendly software records the player's shot, immediately generates a simulated ball flight, and provides industry standard accuracy on a wide array of golf swing and ball flight parameters. GolfAchiever can be used indoors or outdoors and was designed to be portable.

The GA II can be used for many different purposes such as:

  • Clubfitting
  • Golftraining
  • Drivingrange simulation
  • Private training facility 

Reported data

The GolfAchiever II reports Ball speed, Launch angle, Azimuth, Carry distance, Clubhead speed, Swing path, Face angle, Face impact position, Back spin, Side spin, Flight time, Off line, Max height, Distance to pin and more!

Features and benefits of the GolfAchiever:

The GolfAchiever II is the absolute most accurate swinganalyser in the market and offers many advantages such as:

  • Superior accuracy
  • No need to stripe ballseet en rapporteert zowel club als bal data
  • Mobile solution (less than 10 pounds)
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Setup time under 5 minutes
  • No sensors in hittingzone  
  • Simple, friendly software
  • Realtime ballflight data
  • Right- and lefthanded capable
  • Handsfree teaching & practicing
  • Chart student progress
  • Driver Fitting Guide included
  • Print out data
  • Enforces club purchase decision
  • Total teaching & clubfitting solution from single source (GA II and VAS)

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