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New in the market is Tomi, the ultimate instructional aid for perfect putting. Tomi is more than just a mechanical aid. By measuring the most vital aspects of putting – even those invisible for the naked eye – Tomi constructs a trustworthy and repeatable stroke. In time, students won't be putting with improvement, they'll be putting with perfection.

Tomi was developped by professional instructor Marius Filmalter, a pre-eminent authority on the mechanics and psycholgy of golf. Marius has helped to instruct golfers on the PGA, Champions and LPGA tours, and had personally studied over 43.000 strokes in his career.

Dutch Golf Company offers you Tomi in two versions; the professional version and the consumer version.

The professional version of Tomi evaluates 8 aspects of the puttingstroke; 4 aspects for control of distance and 4 aspects for control of direction. The affordable consumer version of Tomi evaluates the 4 most important parameters instead of 8 parameters. Furthermore the consumer version gives you drills to improve your putting on the vital aspects of your put. That's why the Tomi is a 'must have' for every serious golfer.

Tomi is very easy to setup, user friendly, portable and very affordable.

Prices of Tomi:

  • Professional version: € 995,- (€ 1.184,05 incl. BTW)
  • Consumer version:     € 373,95 (€ 445,- incl. BTW)

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Tomi is ontwikkeld door professional instructor Marius Filmalter, een hooggewaardeerde autoriteit op het gebied van de mechanica en psychologie van het golf. Marius Filmalter heeft gewerkt met golfers van de PGA, Champions en LPGA tours, en heeft persoonlijk meer dan 43.000 puttingstrokes bestudeerd in zijn carrière.

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