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Dutch Golf Company B.V.
Zandschelstraat 2-04
5051 HL Goirle


Tel.: +31 (0)13 53 40 905
Fax.: +31 (0)13 53 44 947
@: info@dutchgolfcompany.com


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More and more private persons wants to have a golfsolution at home. Dutch Golf Company offers many possibilities for you as a private person or for your business. Check out our products for more information. Of course we like to discuss your wishes to look for the best solution for your needs. We help you to make you dreams com through!

Some possibilities @Home:

Your own golfcourse in your house. Or even better, over 30 golfcourses in your house on a space of 25 m2! This is possible with the golfsimulators of Dutch Golf Company. We deliver simulators in different price categories. We can adjust the simulator to your wishes. More info >>
Tourlinks green
Tourlinks greens can be used indoors as well as outdoors. These modular puttinggreens can be put down in just a couple of minutes. This way it is possible to easily replace your green to another location! It is the ideal practice green in your house or in your office. More info >>

Do you want to work on your technique? The GolfAchiever II swinganalyser will help you to learn more about your swing so you can improve your golfgame. You can extend the GolfAchiever with additional software such as playing 18 holes in the Virtual Reality software. More info >>
Puttinggreen in your garden
Over 60% off all strokes will be made on or around the green. No wonder many private persons choose a putting green of artificial grass in their garden. Dutch Golf Company offers different kinds of high-level grass, so we have the perfect solution for every situation. A nice fringe and maybe even a teebox makes it even more lifelike! More info >>

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